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A New Approach to the Next Wave in Display Technology

A closeup of the lens inside of a VR headset

next-gen technology

From today’s Augmented Reality (AR) applications to the near-future of smart wearables and large format displays, Micro-LED displays represent next generation technology with unmatched brightness, power efficiency, and image resolution.

Innovation Semiconductor leads the way with revolutionary Micro-LED display technologies that elevate capabilities to new heights.

A closeup of an LED display showing individual LEDs lit up in different shades of blue.

Unmatched performance and design potential

Our unique, monocrystalline-material system architecture and color-tunable LEDs enable Innovation Semiconductor to design and fabricate Micro-LED displays with nanoscale resolution and the ability to generate a rainbow of colors from a single LED.  This groundbreaking technology increases design flexibility while reducing or eliminating manufacturing barriers.

Only one company can deliver Micro-LED technology with such performance and design potential—Innovation Semiconductor.

A closeup of the lens inside of a VR headsetA closeup of an LED display showing individual LEDs lit up in different shades of blue.
Display demonstrations will begin in 2023

Innovation isn’t just in our name…it’s in everything we do.

Innovation Semiconductor is your single source for AR-enabling, Micro-LED displays designed to fit virtually any application.

Revolutionary, Single-Crystal GaN Vertical Architecture

Our monolithic (LED-FET) gallium nitride (GaN) material system provides high brightness efficiency and breakthrough, nano-scale resolution greater than 5,000 ppi, while also reducing power consumption and heat generation issues. The platform also offers single wafer fabrication of displays and the option to add control circuitry on the display chip.


Color-Tunable LEDs

Innovation Semiconductor offers single LED pixels from 2 microns in diameter that deliver a full range of emission across the visible spectrum. Our LEDs have a lower turn-on voltage and provide increased red efficiency from intrinsic strain relief. They can be fabricated using only conventional growth tools and are compatible with our monolithic vertical architecture. The seamless integration of our color-tunable LEDs enables efficient control and dynamic adaptation of each pixel, unlocking new possibilities for display design.

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Improved LED Emission

Our proprietary GaN semiconductor stack contains side emissions and enhances on-axis light emission, while delivering incredibly high resolution and consistent brightness across the entire LED array.

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Simplified Integration

Innovation Semiconductor’s monolithic-material system increases production efficiency, form factor flexibility, and ease of scaling—providing a market-leading edge for our electronics fabrication partners.


Unmatched Electrical Performance

Our displays feature an increased power efficiency that reduces heat generation without sacrificing brightness or performance—perfect for many electronics and AR applications. 

Cutting-edge technology; high-performance results

LED Diameter
Subpixel Spacing
Display Luminance Variability
>1M nits
Display Brightness (qVGA)
Max Operating Temperature

Want to know more?

Contact us to find out how Innovation Semiconductor has reengineered display technologies for a new generation of Micro-LED applications.
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