Color-Tunable LEDs

Innovation Semiconductor’s novel diodes can change colors independently, creating vivid, full-color images previously impossible to attain in a micro-LED display.
Our proprietary technology offers breakthroughs no other company can deliver.
Color-tunable technology can generate any color from a single LED
Demonstrated sizes from 2 μm to 500μm
Image with mountains and a sun
Full-color images with fewer than 3 sub pixels
Glowing LED
Red efficiency at smaller LED diameters
Three intersecting circles
Covers area greater than sRGB color space
Potential replacement for quantum dots (QDs)
Applications for lighting solutions, as well
Sine wave
Emissions from 425 – 640nm
Barbell weight
Intrinsic strain relief
Lightning bolt
Lower trigger voltages
White Paper

Technical Specifications

Review a white paper containing the full technical specifications of Innovation Semiconductor’s color-tunable LEDs.

White Paper Download Coming Soon

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