Improved LED Emission

Innovation Semiconductor’s vertical LED-FET architecture creates brilliant, bright images with incredible resolution and uniform colors across the entire LED array.
A graph showing that Periodic Nanoscale LEDs emit more directional light emission compared to Planar LEDs. Next to the graph is an illustration showing Innovation Semiconductor's "gate-all-around" approach that reduces or eliminates sidewall emission and focuses light emission upward. The wall surrounds the layers (listed from the top) p-GaN, InGaN MQW (glowing blue), n-GaN, p-GaN, n-GaN and sits on top of—but does not cover—a layer of n-GaN stacked on top of a layer of aluminum oxide.
Our proprietary technology offers breakthroughs no other company can deliver.
Single-crystal gallium nitride (GaN) material system for LEDs and driver transistors enables higher, more consistent brightness
Stacked flat planes
Vertical LED-FET integration increases resolution potential with demonstrated LED diameters down to 2 µm, and subpixel pitch down to 4 µm
Periodic microscale and nanoscale emitters show more directional (on-axis) light emission
GaN transistors produce significantly higher LED switching rates
Square with dotted line around it
“Gate-all-around” approach reduces or eliminates sidewall emission
Square with slash through it
No separate backplane layer required

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