Vertical Architecture

Innovation Semiconductor’s proprietary technology enables the design and fabrication of leading-edge Micro-LED displays.
An illustration of 4 gallium nitride layers stacked vertically in a monolithic stack combining LED and FET structures. The layers from the top are InGaN/GaN (glowing blue), n-GaN, p-GaN, and n-GaN at the bottom.
Our monolithic, single-crystal, gallium nitride (GaN) material system vertical architecture is unique, offering breakthroughs no other company can deliver.
LED diameters down to nanoscale (greater than 5,000 ppi)
Wafer disc
Single-wafer gallium nitride (GaN) stack eliminates mechanical transfer of LED elements
Increased brightness (more than 180 lm/W) with greater consistency
Enhanced performance and design flexibility
LED and driving transistor in each monolithic sub-pixel
Arrows above and below a line pointing towards a line
Thin and compact display with no required TFT backplane
Optional on-display-chip control electronics

We employ only conventional semiconductor processing methods, which eliminates the yield and performance-inhibiting issues found in mass LED transfer and other non-standard fabrication processes.

White Paper

Technical Specifications

Review a white paper containing the full technical specifications of Innovation Semiconductor’s proprietary monolithic vertical architecture.

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