Simplified Integration

Innovation Semiconductor’s proprietary technology creates new market and product opportunities for electronics manufacturers.
An illustration showing the unified construction of a stack of Vdd, μLED and driving FET connected to Pass FET via Cs all on top of Gnd.
Our single-wafer fabrication of single-crystal gallium nitride (GaN)-based LEDs and drivers/control electronics enhances the design flexibility of our micro-LED displays, offering breakthroughs no other company can deliver.
Monolithic GaN architecture including LED and backplane electronics for increased production efficiency
Transparent cube
Material can be optically transparent for see-through displays and wearable applications
On-chip control electronics can be included to support higher switching and data rates, and eliminate external driver boards
Wafer disc
Single-wafer semiconductor fabrication that eliminates transfer of LEDs
Desktop computer and phone
Thin and compact displays, with greater form factor options
Rectangle with expand arrows
Ease of scaling
Micro-LED displays can be mounted on a flexible or curved support material

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